Quick Update on My Crazy(ish)ness

This will be a little more dry than my other posts; I mostly just wanted to get some updated info out. Primarily, I’m doing better than I was a few weeks ago and I’m making some positive progress, which is the rest of what’s below.

Two weeks ago, after my previous post regarding my mental condition, I started seeing a therapist. Yesterday I got a second opinion/confirmation on my bipolar II disorder. For the time being at least, my treatment plan is not going to involve medication. We’re focusing on ways to identify and manage my mood and mind state first. As long as that has some positive effect and progress we’ll keep going that direction. If I’m not seeing real improvement with those techniques, then we’ll look into a medication plan.

The first major part of this is identifying and controlling triggers for mood shifts. A lot of it in my case seems to be external stimuli. The main point of me saying this is: don’t expect me to be going out a whole lot to bars, shows, etc. any time soon. And for that matter, I’ve already cut alcohol and caffeine down to as close to zero as possible since they seem to be the most obvious triggers. That being said, I’m keeping a running journal with my day-to-day state and other factors like diet, sleep, life events and such to find out exactly what factors are the most important specifically for me to keep under control. Once we have a better understanding of that I should hopefully get back to more regular activity and behavior.

Aside from a big general “thank you” to everyone who has given me support and well wishes, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Feel free to ask me about anything, though.


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